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The Platform

Serving The Community

Andrew Janz is a Fresno County prosecutor running for Mayor of Fresno. Andrew’s top priorities are fixing poverty and homelessness, expanding funding for parks and open spaces, and correcting a corrupt police department.

Fixing a Broken System


Andrew Janz will fix police violence by removing firearms and aggressive policing. As a prosecutor, Andrew knows that most crimes that fill the courtroom are meant to hinder the people of color of Fresno. Andrew will remove all non violent crimes as being prosecutable.  Less crime will bring about a better Fresno!

Ending Addiction


Having spent much of his time campaigning in the bay area in 2016, Andrew Janz knows whats needed to solve the drug crisis in Fresno.  Andrew will provide county funded needle exchanges throughout Fresno as well as a comprehensive clean needle use program throughout all of FUSD beginning in elementary school ages.

Creating a more exciting Fresno


With exciting tech hubs growing locally, such as BitWise, an exciting new connection to the bay area and LA being built with the HSR, and Andrew's strong connections with major celebrity's, Andrew will help lead Fresno to new and exciting level of inclusion and wealth!

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